Protect and grow your wealth

Gold protects your assets even in difficult market conditions and offers the confidentiality you expect.

GWS Aurum specializes in sustainable gold investments and gold storage to protect and grow your wealth: Investing a part of your assets in precious metals allows you to enjoy exactly the confidentiality, safety and anonymity you expect.

We set up your personal offshore gold deposit in the name of your offshore company, so that the assets are neither subject to any taxation nor to the automatic exchange of information. We ensure that your assets are held as safely as possible, both now and for succeeding generations. Benefit from access to an offshore gold depot to keep your assets under control – effortlessly and independently from international legal changes.

Your advantages:

  • 100% storage in precious metals (bullion coins and 1kg bars)
  • Anonymous storage and safekeeping of assets
  • Excellent buying and selling rates in Swiss Francs (CHF), US-Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR)
  • Low storage and delivery costs
  • First-class suppliers: Argor Heraeus, Valcambi, Umicore, United Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Liechtensteinische Landesbank
  • International common Bullion Coins: Krugerrand (RSA), Maple Leaf (CAD), Vienna Philharmonic (AUT)
  • High security vaults with the highest security standards
  • The  physical storage in Liechtenstein serves as a protection from a possible government seizure or confiscation under private law
  • You always have the flexible possibility to sell your assets quickly and easily.
  • Larger physical precious metals holdings should be diversified and hence stored at different places in different countries, to minimize the risk of a government seizure.
  • Tax and VAT-free
  • Minimum storage volume: 25,000 Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • Duty free delivery to Switzerland
  • Physical delivery or pick-up option from the first day.